Multi Channel Funnels with D3 and the Embed API

Don't know why I am so attached to sunburst visualizations, but decided to revisit something I did a while ago. The difference between now and then is that we have the Multi-Channel Funnels API and the Embed API. The result is that you can visualize data without having to first create a csv file. It's all running in your browser and no data is sent to me or any other server. You do of course have to authenticate with Google, but that's between you and Google! The only bummer for me is that using the Embed API requires access to the user's basic profile info, even though the app doesn't need it, nor is it used.

###Have fun!

Amazing to see how different sites can be. Some use email a lot, others use Paid Search marketing heavily.

D3 Multi-Channel Funnel 1

D3 Multi-Channel Funnel 2