The anonymous Yahoo! Store design company

The folks at Yahoo! are in the process of revamping the Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Developer Network, which should be an improved resource for merchants. It’s always informative to see what other people are up to, so I spent a little time going through those sites that are listed.

Amongst other things, what surprised me is that roughly 50% of those companies don’t have a real "About Us" page. By "real" I mean actual information about the people behind the business. Maybe there is a desire to appear larger than you actually are, or maybe impersonal corporate speak is supposed to look more professional. There are even blogs out there where you have no idea who’s behind it.

I personally think it makes you look much more believable and proud of your business if you state who you are. Hey – we are talking about small businesses helping other small businesses here, so just get on with it.

Michael A Whitaker