Order Motion for Yahoo Store

Order Motion has been offering a back-end order processing solution for Yahoo Store merchants for several years. It looks like the folks at Solid Cactus are now offering a co-branded version of Order Motion. What surprises me is that there is no mention of Order Motion anywhere on SC’s site. They even use the same feature list found on Order Motion’s site.


Joe Palko of Solid Cactus contacted me about this post, and asked me to post his reply:

As you may or may not know, Solid Cactus is
a sister company to Neeps Inc.  Neeps operates 13 online pet properties,
the largest being TheFerretStore.com.  In 2003, we began the search for a
new order processing system to replace Dydacomp’s Mail Order Manager. 
This is when we were first introduced to Order Motion.  After using the
product for several years and recommending it to other merchants, Solid Cactus
and Order Motion entered into a reseller agreement.  Under this agreement,
we offer Yahoo! Small Business customers a modified version of Order Motion
tailored for use in a Yahoo! Store.  Additionally, since it is a separate,
distinct product which is integrated and supported by Solid Cactus, it does not
bear the name "Order Motion."  While it is powered by Order Motion, it is
not a co-branded product and customers who use Cactus Complete Commerce do not
have access to Order Motion’s support or integration team.  Features of
Cactus Complete Commerce are the same as Order Motion, except there are
additional features and enhancements that our version has which are designed to
make managing the Yahoo! store easier.

I am sorry if my post came across as being disrespectful to the folks at Solid Cactus and I appreciate that Joe took the time to contact me about it!