Data Studio update for Shopify

I made some recent updates to the Data Studio connector for Shopify.

New data points added:

Note that Refunds are attached to orders. So if you process a refund today for an order that was in the past, and you run a Data Studio report for today, the refund will not be listed in the report.

Also bear in mind that Data Studio under the hood requires a "flat" data structure, like a CSV or Excel spreadsheet, where each row contains all the data. The unit of reference in this connector is the line item. If an order contains multiple items, dimensions that belong to the order, such as order number and SKU will be associated with each line item. Metrics, such as discounts and tax, are allocated proportionally to each line item. This is necessary so that the sum of these metrics add up to the total you'd expect.

For example: Order 123 has two items: abc and def. Total tax 10.00 and Discounts 6.00. This is how it will be sent to Data Studio:


If you have a Shopify store, please give it a try.