IndexTools and Yahoo! Store

Exciting times in the world of web analytics after the announcement of Yahoo!’s purchase of Index Tools and the subsequent news that Index Tools would be offered for free. It remains to be seen what the Yahoo! version of Index Tools will look like, but I am amazed as the pace of innovation and consolidation going on.

One group of people to benefit are Yahoo! Store merchants. As mentioned on the Yahoo! Store blog, we can expect Index Tools to be incorporated into the Yahoo! Store platform. Again, it remains to be seen how the tool will be rolled out, but it should be possible to push out the tracking code to all merchants automatically. In one go, have 100% adoption. That’s pretty amazing and will certainly raise the level of awareness of web analytics among merchants. In and of itself that does not mean that merchants will use web analytics reports, but you have to start with a solid tool as a foundation.

I am very excited at the prospect of continuing to help merchants use all these cool web analytics tools!