Checkout Manager tip: Magic Replace

I have been asked quite a few times by merchants if there is a way to change the "Shipping" label to "Handling"
in the checkout pages. Maybe you offer free shipping, but charge a
handling fee. Or perhaps you want to use a "Shipping and Handling"
label. In those cases, just labeling those charges under the generic
"Shipping" label may not accurately reflect what you want your
customers to know.


Fortunately, the new Checkout Manager has a very structured layout that
allows us to use a little bit of JavaScript magic to rewrite the
"Shipping" label on the fly. Sorry, but if you don’t use Checkout
Manager you can’t use this code.

To implement this in your Yahoo! Store, copy the following code into the Footer section of the Checkout Manager:

Checkout Manager > Global Settings > Checkout Wrapper > Footer

Locate the line just before the closing tag:

monitus_magic_replace("Shipping and Handling");

enter the desired text inside the quotes. Click on Save and then
Publish your Order Settings when you are done. Check your published
site to make sure everything looks good. Also, please note that this
code obviously won’t work if visitors have JavaScript turned off in
their browser; they will instead see "Shipping" as before.

Finally, this code
is licensed under a Creative
Commons Attribution 2.5 License
. This basically means that you can use this
code for free in any manner you see fit as long as you keep the attribution.

Have fun!