Visitor intent and referring keywords

Following my earlier post about conversion rate I decided to take a closer look at referring keywords in the hope of learning more about visitor intent. Using our Keyword Monkey tool I can quickly sort through keywords that brought visitors to my site. Sometimes all you need to do is look at data in a different way, i.e. sorted alphabetically in this case, in order to see patterns. Well, I found some clear markers about people looking for advice. Starting with "How do I…" or "How can I…" I found many such search queries that show clear visitor intent in my opinion: "How can I solve this problem?" Keyword Monkey also tells you if any of those keyword phrases are in your Store catalog, helping you to gauge whether you actually have content that speaks to a particular problem.

Use this sort of information to write how-to guides to help those visitors. Or use those keyword phrases to build an FAQ page.

Will those advice-seeking people buy your products? Perhaps not at this point, but I cannot help but think that "happy visitors" (for lack of a better descriptor) will be good for business in the long run.