PayPal for payment processing

Now you don’t have to have a traditional merchant account anymore in order to run a Yahoo Store, so that should open up the platform to more would-be merchants. I don’t know if Stores with traditional credit card processing convert better than those using PayPal, but it’s nevertheless good to have a choice. As an online shopper I actually like using PayPal whenever possible because I don’t have to send credit card details to an e-commerce site I may not trust 100%. Better not to have credit card numbers floating all over the place.

Link: Yahoo! Small Business.

Choosing PayPal as a payment processor

With the arrival of the PayPal integration to Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, you now have the choice to use PayPal exclusively to process PayPal transactions, or in addition to a merchant account for processing credit card transactions. Merchants who were unable to qualify for a merchant account (which can happen for a variety of reasons) can now open their store for business with just a PayPal account.