Event Tracking value

I am a big fan of Google Analytics’ event tracking feature and I think all web analytics programs should have that capability. There is one feature that would make event tracking even more useful in my opinion.

In addition to Category, Action and Label, you can send an event value, but this is supposed to be a positive integer. It would be more powerful if event value could be used also for cost data, i.e. dollars and cents, or a number with two decimals.

One of the strengths of event tracking is the ability to integrate other data sources, so wouldn’t it be great to see either the cost or value of such external data sources? We could also assign a dollar value to outbound links, downloads or referral traffic coming to our site, and compare to e-commerce revenue.


As it stands now I have to multiply the cost by 100 before sending the event in order to turn cost into an integer, but then I am comparing quite literally dollars and cents.