SEO ranking and Event Tracking

Love the flexibility of event tracking. Very quick to set up and I can send the data without having to specify ahead of time what the data has to look like. Event tracking reports are also conveniently separate from the standard reports, so no need to bend the system by creating "fake pageviews" to track events. In the normal web analytics paradigm I know when a page was viewed and generated a pageview, but with event tracking I can ask very specific questions about how visitors **interact **with a page, such as visualizing checkout error messages. This is really **actionable **stuff as I have data to help me design a better form.

André Scholten came up with a cool couple of filters to track SEO rankings – i.e. the search results page the referring keyword was on. Maybe there will be more user-defined variables available at some point in the future, but we can just use event tracking to do the same thing. Just use standard or custom segments.

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As for the **actionable **part? You'll probably find that most traffic and revenue comes from being on the first page. Not much of an insight there. Try and get keywords from page 2 to page 1 by creating better targeted content or links…